What graciousness and heated seats have in common

By Arden / October 21, 2013 /

On my way to yoga class this morning I was willing my heated seats to hurry up and get warm because it was chilly in the car. Despite wanting to get warm, I smiled as I recalled a time shortly after buying my car when my sister-in-law, Beth, was visiting over the holidays.

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Alot of speiling and, grammer erors

By Arden / September 18, 2013 /

Despite having a bachelor’s degree in English Literature, grammar and spelling are not my strengths. But, I know that to make a good impression it’s important I follow the correct language rules when I speak and write. Therefore, it is something I work on. I’m not perfect. In fact, readers have pointed out errors I’ve made,…

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Cut, color and conversation

By Arden / September 4, 2013 /

Some people think I’m a daredevil. No, not because I once hurtled myself out of a plane with just a parachute on my back, nor that I ate food from a street vendor in Mexico, and not because I left a secure job to start a business in the Great Recession. No, it’s that people…

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The power of gracious behavior

By Arden / June 13, 2013 /

It’s always heartwarming when I see really gracious, polite behavior, and not just because I’m an etiquette consultant. When I see people being courteous and other focused I am reminded of how powerful it is.

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Lessons learned from an unpleasant coffee meeting

By Arden / May 9, 2013 /

If you are a salesperson, business owner or are unemployed, you most likely do a lot of networking. This often means coffee and lunch dates with people who have complementary businesses or who can be helpful to you in some way.

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When you shouldn’t ask

By Arden / January 4, 2013 /

We adopted a new cat a couple of months ago – a beautiful three-legged Maine Coon named Max. A couple of days ago, I picked him up to cuddle, and he decided he wasn’t in the mood for kisses. He put his paw up to push me away and ended up scratching my face. Unfortunately, he…

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The difficulty with discussing politics

By Arden / November 30, 2012 /

I asked my Facebook page Likes for ideas on blog posts and several people mentioned discussing politics, especially in light of the recent presidential election. 

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Stop! In the name of sales

By Arden / September 19, 2012 /

The Puget Sound Business Journal asked me to give a presentation on tradeshow sales and etiquette recently, since their Expo is coming up in October. I was excited to do it and asked my colleague Matt Heinz, with Heinz Marketing, to co-present with me and talk about the marketing and sales aspect of tradeshows.

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The allure of gossip

By Arden / May 4, 2012 /

I’ve been thinking about gossip lately. The other day, I taught an etiquette class to a mom and her delightful eight year old daughter. One of the topics I covered was gossip.

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Being vulnerable

By Arden / April 23, 2012 /

I met a colleague, Lynn Baldwin-Rhoades, for coffee recently. She is the president of Power Chicks International, a wonderful online and in-person networking and resource organization for women. Lynn is someone I know and like but didn’t know well. I felt like we both wanted a deeper connection with each other.

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