Travel Etiquette

New tipping guidelines for a changing world

By Arden / August 18, 2022 /

In 2017 I wrote a blog post about tipping where I shared who to tip and how much. What a difference five years makes as I write this in 2022. A lot has transpired since 2017 that has impacted tipping. One of the biggest factors is the pandemic. When the COVID-19 virus shut everything down…

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Don’t be THAT Airbnb guest or host!

By Arden / February 20, 2019 /

Are you an Airbnb fan? My husband and I stayed in our first Airbnb rental about four years ago. We loved having an entire place to ourselves that was located in a great neighborhood for a very reasonable price. It planted the seed for having a short term rental of our own in our basement.…

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Seven bicycling etiquette tips for everyone

By Arden / May 3, 2018 /

Did you know May is National Bike Month? Many bike advocacy organizations organize bicycling and bike to work events throughout the United States and Canada in the spring to encourage bike commuting. My husband and I are avid bicyclists, although lately, he’s been more devoted than I have as he rides his bike to work…

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Naked yoga and other no nos when rooming with a coworker

By Arden / April 19, 2017 /

Business travel can be a lot of fun or a real challenge. One aspect of business travel that can be nerve wracking is having to share a hotel room with a coworker. While you may know and even like your coworker on a business level, it’s rare to be personally close to your colleague, making…

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Five business travel dos and don’ts

By Arden / April 12, 2016 /

Your company is sending you to a conference in some sunny place. Lucky you! If this is your first business trip you may feel you’ve hit the jackpot with the all-expense paid trip – airfare, hotel, a per diem. But before you zip up your bag, be sure you’ve packed not only your sunscreen, but…

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How to impress others through four simple acts

By Arden / August 23, 2015 /

My husband and I recently returned from a week-long 450 mile bike tour in Southeast Idaho. We joined about 300 other people on the tour organized by Bicycle Rides Northwest. This was our fourth excursion with the company and, as always, we had a lot of fun.

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Five tips for being a gracious house guest

By Arden / July 9, 2015 /

Every year I speak on dining and business etiquette essentials to a group of college students who are in a leadership program hosted by the University of Washington Women’s Center. The program is called the Alene Morris National Education for Women’s Leadership. It’s a six day intensive program that focuses on increasing women’s representation in…

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Handshake alternatives for a germ-filled world

By Arden / October 14, 2014 /

Today when I called my doctor to make an appointment for my annual exam the scheduler asked me several questions – “Have you been out of the country within the past 21 days?” “Have you been around anyone who has been out of the country within the past 21 days?” “Are you sick?” I knew…

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What happened to the friendly skies?

By Arden / September 8, 2014 /

Boy, have things changed in airplane travel. A friend posted a video on Facebook about jet travel in the 1960s. Travelers were served seven course meals that might include caviar, roasted pheasant and lobster tail. Flight attendants were called Air Hostesses and they treated travelers as if they had been invited to dinner at their…

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National Etiquette Week: From poison to throat slitting, the evolution of etiquette

By Arden / May 14, 2014 /

It’s National Etiquette Week; a recognition of the importance of etiquette and protocol in all aspects of our lives. Today’s post is about how the word and emphasis on etiquette began and some etiquette practices that have evolved from centuries ago.

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