Business Etiquette Training

Business etiquette training covers the essential skills employees require to succeed and for your company to prosper. The interactive seminars can be tailored to address your individual needs, company culture and objectives. The following are the most popular topics, which can also be delivered virtually through Zoom or other online platform.


Here are a few topics that are covered:

The workplace we knew has changed due to the pandemic. Today we have hybrid work schedules, hot desks, new ways of greeting others and different attire expectations. There's also the challenge of having vaccination and mask  conversations. Inclusivity is more important than ever, whether it’s making sure remote workers feel engaged or including employees who are often excluded or marginalized. Much has evolved and so have the etiquette rules that guide us. Make sure you and your employees are ready for these new work norms to build productive relationships with coworkers and superiors and seal more client deals. Topics include:

The Importance of Etiquette

  • Why etiquette matters and how it has evolved
  • You are the company

Pandemic Related Etiquette

  • Safe and appropriate greetings
  • Vaccination and mask communication dos and don'ts

Digital Diplomacy

  • How to politely and effectively interact on cell phones, instant messaging, video meetings and email
  • Telecommunication dos and don’ts (landline, voicemail, conference calls and speaker phones)

Meeting Manners

  • Meeting do’s and taboos
  • How to facilitate and participate in inclusive meetings whether hybrid, virtual or in-person

Appropriate attire and grooming whether online or in-person

  • The difference between business casual attire and casual attire
  • How to dress when meeting with clients and other VIPs
  • The importance of good grooming and appropriate accessories

Networking and Business-Related Functions

  • In-person reception do’s and don’ts
  • Connecting with others online
  • Tips to start and gracefully exit a conversation

Workplace Etiquette - Knowing What to Do When

  • Showing courtesy and respect to co-workers
  • Common courtesies: office gossip, workplace issues and cubicle, hot desk and breakroom etiquette

Business is made or lost on first and on-going impressions. Employees who present themselves with polish, confidence and courtesy will seal more client deals and build productive relationships with coworkers and superiors. The skills your employees learn in this training will give your company the competitive edge.

Part one covers etiquette essentials:

  • Elements of a powerful first impression
  • YOU are the company
  • Handshakes, greetings and introductions
  • Business card dos and don’ts
  • Nonverbal communication and body language
  • Appropriate attire and grooming
  • Effective Communication

Part two teaches workplace etiquette:

  • Networking and Business Related Functions
  • Showing courtesy and respect to co-workers
  • Common courtesies: office gossip, workplace issues and cubicle etiquette
  • Digital Diplomacy
  • Meeting Manners

Does the thought of mingling with strangers send you into hiding? If so, you’re not alone. Networking is one of the most important ways to grow your career, client base and company but most people would rather have a root canal than eat finger food while talking to people they don’t know.

This program teaches participants how to confidently and easily strengthen and grow their contacts whether at a networking event, client reception or conference. You’ll master the art through learning key techniques to help your comfort, confidence and conversation skills.

  • Making an entrance and engaging the room
  • The perfect handshake
  • Introducing yourself and others with ease
  • Business card dos and don’ts
  • Remembering names
  • Successful small talk and listening skills
  • Gracefully ending a conversation
  • Cocktail reception do’s and taboos
  • Social media networking
  • Networking follow-up

A lot of business is conducted over a meal; deals are signed, partnerships are formed and job offers are made. Companies know an employee’s dining gaff or lack of confidence could cost them deals or alienate VIPs.

Our essential dining etiquette seminar will teach employees the critical skills they need both as a host and a guest at a business meal. Participants will be more relaxed and confident, leading to greater success with the business at hand. For the seminar to be most effective, an onsite luncheon or dinner is encouraged.

Tradeshows and conventions can be an effective way to increase brand awareness, get customer leads and new customers. Too often though, inexperienced or untrained employees staff the booth and lose opportunities to your competitors.

The tradeshow etiquette seminar teaches essential skills that will help your staff stand out and turn casual by-passers into interested contacts and new customers.

Topics include:

  • Non-verbal communication that is welcoming and open
  • Gait stopper phrases and successful small talk
  • Introducing yourself and others
  • Business card protocol
  • Remembering and using names
  • The dos and don’ts of staffing a booth
  • Gracefully ending a conversation
  • Productive mingling at a convention mixer

Most business communication and interaction now take place over digital devices and means – cell phones, phone and video conferences, email, instant messaging and voicemail. It’s important your employees know how to effectively and courteously communicate through these tools with clients and colleagues.

The program covers the dos and don’ts of professional electronic correspondence on email, phone, virtual meetings, cell phones, voicemail, instant messaging and social media.

If you’re short on time or find it difficult to get the whole team, department or company together for a longer training, consider shorter lunch and learns. Clise Etiquette will present the need-to-know information in 60 to 90 minutes while your team eats lunch.

Here are our most popular topics.

Business Etiquette Essentials – One Hour

First Impressions

  • Why etiquette is important in today’s business world
  • Elements of a powerful first impression
  • YOU are the company

Social Behavior Highlights

  • Handshakes, greetings and introductions
  • How to use the person’s name in conversation
  • Business card dos and don’ts

First and Lasting Impressions – One Hour

  • Nonverbal Communication and Body Language
  • Eye contact, posture, personal space, nervous mannerisms, touching
  • Positive and negative body language signals
  • Appropriate attire and grooming
  • The difference between business casual and professional attire
  • How to dress when meeting with clients and other VIPs

Networking and Business Related Functions – One Hour

  • Cocktail reception do’s and taboos
  • Comfortably mixing and mingling
  • Remembering names
  • How to start and gracefully exit a conversation

 Networking With Ease – One Hour

  • Creating a memorable elevator pitch
  • Successful small talk and listening skills
  • Networking follow-up

Digital Diplomacy – One Hour

  • Cell phones, video meetings, instant messaging and email
  • Telecommunication (telephone, voicemail and conference calls )

Virtual Meeting Etiquette and Best Practices - 45 minutes to One Hour

  • Video meeting dos and don’ts
  • Virtual meeting best practices for facilitators and hosts
  • How to use the video meeting features to make your meetings more interactive, enjoyable and effective

Meeting Manners – One Hour

  • Meeting do’s and taboos
  • Visiting a client
  • Receiving visitors

It’s Not Just Lunch, It’s Business – 90 minutes over a two to three course meal, 60 minutes without a meal

  • Host and guest protocol
  • The importance of the seating arrangement
  • Navigating the place setting
  • The silent server code
  • American and Continental styles of eating
  • Polite dining
  • Handling dining dilemmas

Did you know that we spend a third of our time at the workplace? It’s important employees treat each other with courtesy and respect so that the workplace is a pleasant, productive and comfortable place to be. Workplace conflict and disrespect can have a negative impact on productivity and overall job satisfaction, which ultimately affects the company's bottom line.

This workshop will help employees be more aware of their actions, communication and how they can contribute to a respectful and enjoyable workplace for everyone.

  • Why workplace respect is important
  • The elements of disrespect
  • Showing courtesy and respect to co-workers
  • Common courtesies: office gossip, workplace issues and cubicle etiquette
  • The importance of self-awareness in all interactions
  • Positive and productive communication
  • The importance of diversity in the workplace
  • Fostering an inclusive work environment

Meeting fatigue is real, so how can you keep your meetings on course and productive? In this useful presentation, you’ll discover how to facilitate virtual or in-person events that actually accomplish something where participants feel engaged, valued and heard.

Key takeaways:

  • How to effectively facilitate productive and inclusive meetings
  • The importance of having a clear goal for each meeting
  • Making sure the right people attend your meetings and all voices are valued
  • The importance of seating and the signals it can send
  • A reminder on meeting essentials that really are essential
  • How to involve members who feel less empowered or comfortable sharing in your meeting
  • How to handle meeting interruptions and side trackers both as a facilitator and participant
  • The importance of practicing and enforcing meeting etiquette
  • Video meeting best practices

The COVID-19 pandemic made remote work not only a reality but a viable option for today’s workplace. However, managing remote employees has some unique challenges that can lead to workers feeling uninformed, excluded and disengaged. This training will help you navigate managing remote or hybrid workers so that the employees, manager and team are happy, connected and productive.

  • How managing remote or hybrid employees differs from managing in-person employees
  • The importance of setting clear expectations that work for the employee, manager and team
  • Making sure your employee’s technology needs are addressed
  • How to avoid the out of sight out of mind bias
  • Steps for building a more connected and collaborative mixed team
  • Meeting dos and don’ts to avoid virtual meeting burnout
  • The importance of staying connected without micromanaging remote employees


Thank you, Arden, for a great training. The management team is still talking about it. We loved how interactive it was and that it allowed the managers to get to know each other better. I see others practicing some of the things you covered including using I statements and creating agendas for our meetings now. People are more mindful of how they behave and treat each other. It was a really useful and fun training and we look forward to having you back soon.
Suzie Van Eecke
Hill Aerosystems
Wow, I am so energized! Your networking presentation via Zoom was so great. It left me feeling energized and inspired to do some virtual networking right now and utilize some of the tips when we are able to network in person! Thank you very much for taking the time to share your expertise with our group – you are AMAZING!!
Tamara Torlakson
She Shares
Thank you, Arden, for a fantastic training! It was the most interactive Zoom training meeting I’ve ever attended. It was exciting to see the group so talkative and engaged thanks to your fun activities. I liked that you were approachable and made it comfortable for people to ask you questions.
Jodi Sorensen
Space Flight Industries
Arden, your Workplace Respect and Effective Communication training was great. Your comfortable style helped open up communication between employees. And, I appreciate that you gave us tools to approach situations differently. As a result of the training there’s more understanding between coworkers, and staff are using I statements. It was what I had hoped for from the training.
Michael Mallahan
Hearing and Balance Lab
Thank you, Arden! You were fantastic! The participants loved all the interaction through chat, polls, and talking! This was our most attended virtual Lunch and Learn to date!
Christy Clark
Ohio Credit Union League
I had a chance to get some feedback today about your training on running more productive meetings. I thought I'd share with you that one of our staff offered that she has already begun to implement an "objective" in meetings she's facilitating and she shared that it has been a total game changer. So we are already collectively putting what we learned into action. Thanks for that.
Alana Hentges
Learning & Development Manager / University of Puget Sound
We hired Arden to give an all-day training on a variety of business etiquette topics. Going into the training the participants were concerned it would be a full day of lecture and dos and don’ts. However, we were pleasantly surprised at how useful and engaging the training was. We liked how Arden had us do role plays; interesting exercises and activities that helped teach and cement the material. Arden is a great trainer. She teaches useful skills that help people to be more polished, professional and at ease in a variety of situations.
Bill Nolan
CEO, Buildingi
Arden presented a lunch-and-learn session at Precept Wine to approximately 40 employees. She did a remarkable job of making the entire team (ranging in ages from mostly 20-somethings to mid 50s) feel at ease. We were definitely disarmed by her engaging style. The notion of an etiquette coach conjures up images of a preachy ogre with a yardstick ready to cross your knuckles at the first offense....not so with Arden! She taught us new tips and tricks in remembering names, ace handshakes and a few nuggets for networking and email/text communication. Loved every minute.
Heidi Witherspoon
Precept Wines
We really enjoyed your Networking with Ease presentation. It was engaging and the information you shared was very helpful. Several of the participants mentioned they want to start attending networking events to use the tips they learned in the training. We also appreciate how customized the training was to our organization and our needs. You were able to provide information that was pertinent and useful to both our front office and back office teams. We definitely want to have you back for more trainings.
Dan Arita

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