Pet etiquette

What dogs can teach us about etiquette

By Arden / July 23, 2012 /

Sammie, our beloved 13 year old dog, died recently. We miss her terribly. Coming home is a constant reminder of her absence. When she was alive, as I got out of the car, I would hear her come downstairs to greet me, tail wagging, big grin on her face. As she became sick, she wouldn’t…

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Dogs on the Loose

By Arden / March 17, 2010 /

I was recently walking around Greenlake with a friend on a sunny, therefore packed, day. Twice I encountered dogs that were running loose, their owners unconcerned. In the first situation we were rounding a corner and I saw a dog running towards the water across the concrete path in a very congested area. A rollerbladder…

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