Communication Styles Training

Communication Styles: Enhancing Productivity through Better Communication

Good communication is essential to a workplace where people are motivated, courteous and happy. However, perceptions and misunderstandings in communication can often derail a workgroup’s enthusiasm and productivity. By understanding the needs and expectations of other communications styles employees can begin to accept and appreciate one another, thereby increasing output, teamwork and enhanced customer service.

We use the BEST profile system, which scores which of the four communication styles each participant has, and teaches the participants how to best work with each style.


Topics covered:

  • How our perception affects how we hear and deliver information
  • The four communication styles and their strengths and weaknesses
  • How each communication style impacts the other styles
  • How to adjust your communication style to work more effectively with other styles
  • Fight or flight stress behaviors
  • How to determine other’s communication style



Arden, you are very good at what you do – we all learned a lot about things we needed to better understand about ourselves and others.
Michael Giannelli
Gianelli & Associates

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