Illness etiquette

Are we back to shaking hands?

By Arden / October 3, 2022 /

In late February 2020 I drove to my CPA’s office to drop off my tax documents. At that point, 15 cases of the COVID-19 virus were reported in the U.S. and there were over 1,100 deaths worldwide. I felt a bit nervous about the virus but not overly concerned. When my CPA came out to…

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The new etiquette norm for greetings

By Arden / March 5, 2020 /

Yesterday, when I met with a new CPA to give him our tax documents I noticed that as he approached me he had his right hand in his pocket. While driving to his office, I had thought about whether I would shake his hand or not because of the Covid-19 virus. I was prepared to…

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How to help an ailing friend

By Arden / July 10, 2019 /

A lot of people in my life, including me, have had surgeries lately requiring assistance with daily tasks. When you have to use a walker or crutches, can’t be weight bearing or move your arm, it makes doing routine tasks challenging – things like shopping, cooking, bathing, dressing, cleaning, etc.

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14 annoying habits that are driving your coworkers crazy

By Arden / February 21, 2018 /

When I worked for Washington Mutual many years ago, there were a few weeks where I was working on several big, deadline-driven projects and I was pretty stressed. The days ticked by while I toiled away on the assignments. One day a coworker who sat next to me asked if I was okay. Turns out…

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What not to say or do when your coworker is sick or grieving

By Arden / November 3, 2016 /

Illness and loss can be hard topics to discuss. Most people simply don’t know what to say or do when someone they know has been diagnosed with a serious illness or loses a spouse or child. It seems extra hard when that someone is an employee or coworker. When personal matters intertwine with work we…

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Avoiding Thanksgiving manners mishaps and misunderstandings

By Arden / November 24, 2015 /

I love Thanksgiving. Not only are turkey, gravy and all the fixings my favorite foods but I love being with family and friends celebrating our blessings. However, with most gatherings over meals there are often manners mishaps and misunderstandings. To keep the peace I thought it might be helpful to share answers to some common…

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Seven ways to stay in the good graces of your coworkers when you’re sick

By Arden / November 9, 2015 /

Hack, hack, sniffle, cough, sneeze. Cold and flu season are upon us. It’s never fun being sick and certainly not enjoyable being around someone who is coughing, sneezing and honking on a regular basis. During this germy time pay attention to these seven etiquette tips to avoid being ostracized by your coworkers when you’re sick.

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Handshake alternatives for a germ-filled world

By Arden / October 14, 2014 /

Today when I called my doctor to make an appointment for my annual exam the scheduler asked me several questions – “Have you been out of the country within the past 21 days?” “Have you been around anyone who has been out of the country within the past 21 days?” “Are you sick?” I knew…

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When you shouldn’t ask

By Arden / January 4, 2013 /

We adopted a new cat a couple of months ago – a beautiful three-legged Maine Coon named Max. A couple of days ago, I picked him up to cuddle, and he decided he wasn’t in the mood for kisses. He put his paw up to push me away and ended up scratching my face. Unfortunately, he…

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What do I do now?

By Arden / August 29, 2011 /

A friend of mine was recently traveling and shared something that happened to her while flying that made her wonder about the etiquette of the situation.

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