Graduation etiquette

Eight graduation dos and don’ts for grads, family and friends

By Arden / May 25, 2017 /

It’s cap and gown time; that wonderful time when high school and college students graduate and move on to their next adventure. It’s an exciting time. But graduation can also be a bit of an etiquette minefield. I certainly made some mistakes with my own graduation and have made etiquette faux pas with other people’s…

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Evites, Facebook invitations, email invites! Oh my!

By Arden / January 17, 2013 /

If you’re like me, you’re getting more and more invitations through Facebook. Sometimes the invitations are for small events, like birthday parties or intimate get togethers, others are big events where everyone and their sister is invited.

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Why a Thank You Note?

By Arden / July 12, 2010 /

I’m a member of Women Business Owners  and serve on the Ambassador Committee, which is essentially the committee that greets and orients new members. We had a committee meeting last week and the topic of thank you notes came up. One member mentioned she had sent her nephews on both sides of the family high…

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I’d Like To Announce You’re Not Invited

By Arden / June 3, 2010 /

My husband Eric and I received a high school graduation announcement for our neighbor Catherine, who lives across the street. It’s hard to believe this young woman will soon be leaving home and heading to college. It seems like just yesterday she was a little girl playing with dolls.

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