Business Etiquette

Business savvy for women in the workplace

By Arden / May 7, 2015 /

Today’s workplace is a very different one from 40 years ago. Women now make up more than 55% of the workforce and are no longer relegated to support roles. However, women still struggle for equality and respect in the workplace. According to the Center for American Progress, women make up only 14.6 percent of executive…

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Why I’m not going to help you grow your business

By Arden / April 13, 2015 /

This past week I got three requests for help. Asking for help is never impolite if it’s for the right reason. I’m quick to help people when I can. But when the request comes from someone who either I’ve never met or who I’ve met once, and they want my help growing their business for…

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Keeping remote employees happy in conference calls

By Arden / April 2, 2015 /

Meetings are a part of our work life, much to the consternation of many. Employees complain about how many meetings they have to attend, which are often poorly run and seem to lack purpose. Meetings are even more challenging when you are a remote employee calling in via conference call. Often those outliers dialing in…

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Do you have a career worthy wardrobe?

By Arden / March 16, 2015 /

In January, I wrote about the 12 actions you could take to be a better person in 2015. Each month had a different focus. March’s focus is to spruce up your wardrobe. As Mark Twain wisely said, “Clothes make the (wo)man.” Indeed they do. In the workplace people who are dressed professionally gain more respect…

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Show them the love

By Arden / February 9, 2015 /

It’s Be Nice to Everyone month. In January, I wrote about 12 things you could do throughout the year to be a better person. February’s focus is to show everyone the love, in honor of Valentine’s Day. When we show the same courtesy and respect to everyone, whether the receptionist at the office or your…

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Workplace lessons from the Seahawks’ Super Bowl loss

By Arden / February 4, 2015 /

While my heart is still heavy from the Seahawks losing the Super Bowl, I’m so darn proud of them. Watching the big game was an emotional roller coaster. Our boys played well against the talented Patriots but in the end we lost. And, it was a hard loss due to a controversial play call that…

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12 months to a better you

By Arden / January 4, 2015 /

It’s the New Year, that time when everyone looks forward to a fresh start. Many people make resolutions such as lose weight, exercise more and eat better. Those are all worthy goals, but what if instead you focused on being a better person? A person who made great first and lasting impressions and who was…

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Cocktail party food and drink finesse

By Arden / December 7, 2014 /

When mingling at parties and networking events, have you ever struggled with juggling a plate of food and a drink? When you have a plate in one hand and a glass in the other it prevents you from shaking hands and you usually can’t eat, at least not gracefully. Thankfully there are a few things…

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Four tips to make your holiday party mingling easier

By Arden / December 5, 2014 /

The holidays are here! Whether you’re attending the company holiday dinner or your neighbor’s cocktail party being ready for mingling with strangers or people you don’t know well will make the events much easier for you. Here are four tips to make your mingling stress-free.

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The “Yes, and…” principle

By Arden / November 7, 2014 /

Have you ever been to a comedy improv show or tried improvisation? My husband and some friends and I went to Comedy Sportz recently and had a great time. I was reminded how difficult improvisation is. When it’s done well it looks easy, but having taken some improv lessons I know it’s not. You have…

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