Business Etiquette

How to recover from a major mistake

By Arden / January 20, 2017 /

Have you ever made a cringe worthy mistake? One that ruins not just your day but the week or weeks following? One where you can’t stop obsessing about your failings? Yes? You’re not alone. I made a big mistake last year. A mistake that I was so embarrassed about I couldn’t talk about it to…

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Smile, you’re on camera! Video conference dos and don’ts

By Arden / October 5, 2016 /

Have you ever had a conversation with someone on the phone and wondered about the meaning of their words? If so, it’s possible the lack of body language made the conversation difficult to interpret. According to research conducted by Professor Albert Mehrabian, when we communicate feelings and attitudes, 7% of the meaning is contained in…

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How to dress (or not) for work

By Arden / October 3, 2016 /

Have you ever been confused about what is and isn’t appropriate attire for work? Wonder no more. This is a great infographic on work attire – from ultra casual to white tie. You’ll never wonder if that tube top is appropriate office dress again.   Save

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Five lessons from Craigslist for job applicants

By Arden / September 10, 2016 /

My husband and I are turning our media room into a guest room so we have been both buying and selling items on Craigslist. Craigslist is truly a great way to find and sell items at a reduced price. It can also be a lot of fun to meet interesting people. But, it has its…

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The dreaded invitation: “Let’s have coffee…”

By Arden / August 3, 2016 /

“Let’s meet for coffee.”  Sound familiar? If you’re a business owner you may hear this phrase often. Yet, it’s not always a welcome invitation.

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Read the situation or risk losing business

By Arden / July 19, 2016 /

This is a guest post by Stacy O’Daffer, Clise Etiquette Associate. “She will finally appreciate you after she lives without you.” It’s a mother’s universal salve for the wound of a child leaving for college. That this loss will be filled at some later, undefined moment does little to sooth the heartbreak. But then, it’s…

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How to lose a prospect and annoy others

By Arden / July 1, 2016 /

Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language. Dale Carnegie wrote this beautiful quote in his bestselling book How to Win Friends and Influence People.  And it’s true. As he pointed out, when you remember and use a person’s name it makes him feel special…

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Five tips for workplace success

By Arden / June 15, 2016 /

Have you ever wondered why some people have more success in their jobs and others can’t seem to get ahead even though they are very smart? According to a Harvard University study, 85% of a person’s workplace success is due to their personal skills – those intangible skills that lead to better and smoother relationships…

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Navigate office dining & drinking like a pro

By Arden / May 31, 2016 /

Some great tips and information in this infographic by Click to Enlarge Image Infographic by  

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Don’t leave people hanging: The importance of introductions

By Arden / May 26, 2016 /

A friend of mine, I’ll call her Sue, was having a conversation with a couple she met at a party when a colleague walked up and interrupted her discussion. Her colleague Bill didn’t acknowledge the people she was talking to and spoke only to her ignoring the others. It made the people Sue was talking…

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