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MP900440970[1]It’s Be Nice to Everyone month. In January, I wrote about 12 things you could do throughout the year to be a better person. February’s focus is to show everyone the love, in honor of Valentine’s Day.

When we show the same courtesy and respect to everyone, whether the receptionist at the office or your CEO, not only do we make others feel important, we become memorable to people. It doesn’t take much to show the love. Here are some ways to do so.

Welcome the new hire

Make a point of introducing yourself to and welcoming the new hire. Think back to your first week on the job and how nervous and overwhelmed you felt. Help the newbie feel welcome by saying hello. You could also ask her to join you for coffee or lunch. Or introduce her to some other folks. If the newbie is your employee, write a nice note welcoming her and put it with some flowers or a plant on her desk before she arrives her first day. I had a couple of bosses do that for me in past jobs and I can’t tell you how nice that was. I felt welcomed and appreciated – a lovely way to start a new job.

Acknowledge your colleagues in the elevator

When riding the elevator with a colleague say hello rather than looking at your phone or staring at the floor. You could compliment the person on something he is wearing or ask how his day is going. If you don’t know this person’s name, introduce yourself and ask for his name. Then use it – wish Greg a good day when you get off the elevator.

Say hello in the hallways

I had a client who was interested in having me work with an employee for a few reasons, but one of them was she wouldn’t acknowledge others in the hallway. She kept to herself. Not only did my client think this was rude, but she felt the employee lacked business acumen because of this. Every encounter with a coworker or colleague is an opportunity to build relationships with them. Take the time to say hello to people when you pass them in the hallway even if you don’t know their name. Better yet, ask for her name and use it next time you see her.

Be nice to the seemingly unimportant

When you are nice to everyone no matter their title, job or what they can do for you, it shows you are a person of character. Say good morning to the bus driver, ask the receptionist how his weekend was and thank the barista for your perfectly made mocha. It’s not hard. You just need to slow down and see the people around you.

When you acknowledge others you make people feel special, and that’s the most important thing anyone can do. Happy Be Nice to Everyone month.

What would you add to this list? Have you had someone make a positive impact on you because they took the time to acknowledge you and others?

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