Networking etiquette

Cocktail party food and drink finesse

By Arden / December 7, 2014 /

When mingling at parties and networking events, have you ever struggled with juggling a plate of food and a drink? When you have a plate in one hand and a glass in the other it prevents you from shaking hands and you usually can’t eat, at least not gracefully. Thankfully there are a few things…

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Four tips to make your holiday party mingling easier

By Arden / December 5, 2014 /

The holidays are here! Whether you’re attending the company holiday dinner or your neighbor’s cocktail party being ready for mingling with strangers or people you don’t know well will make the events much easier for you. Here are four tips to make your mingling stress-free.

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Handshake alternatives for a germ-filled world

By Arden / October 14, 2014 /

Today when I called my doctor to make an appointment for my annual exam the scheduler asked me several questions – “Have you been out of the country within the past 21 days?” “Have you been around anyone who has been out of the country within the past 21 days?” “Are you sick?” I knew…

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Networking with Ease

By Arden / October 8, 2014 /

Are you someone who dislikes networking? Do you dread talking to strangers? If so, you’re not alone. It doesn’t seem to matter if you’re an introvert or extrovert, networking is hard for most people. So then why do we do it? As someone once said, networking is one letter away from not working. I wish…

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A surprising benefit of LinkedIn

By Arden / August 17, 2014 /

A friend of mine recently moved from Seattle to San Diego. It was a big move. She left her job, her friends and her house to start a new life. Before she left, she looked for houses to rent online, and had a friend who lives in San Diego look at the more promising homes.…

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Seven tips to navigate the company picnic

By Arden / July 10, 2014 /

It’s summer time and the living is good – vacations, casual clothes and the company picnic. Ah yes, that annual event fraught with many perils.

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The power of informational interviews

By Arden / February 24, 2014 /

If you’re looking for work, one of the best ways to find a job is through informational interviews. Many jobs are not posted; instead, companies rely on their network to get the word out about open positions.

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The art of the business introduction

By Arden / February 11, 2014 /

I recently gave a business etiquette essentials presentation to students at UW Bothell. One of the topics I covered was how to make a business introduction. As usual, many people commented on their evaluation form how helpful the information was.

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Informational Interview Etiquette Answers

By Arden / December 19, 2013 /

I received a very nice email from a graduate student who was seeking answers to coffee meeting and informational interview etiquette dilemmas. He wrote: I found your “Coffee Date Dilemmas” (blog post) very informative and helpful, with its consideration of small but important details, and enjoyed browsing your blog. I do have a few follow-up…

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Further your career this holiday season

By Arden / December 2, 2013 /

Despite what you may think, the holidays are actually a great time to further your career. That’s because it’s a time when we most interact with others, whether it’s mingling at holiday parties, flying to see family or friends or spending time with relatives or pals you don’t see very often. So, whether you are…

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