Networking etiquette

Job Search Etiquette

By Arden / February 1, 2010 /

I asked my Facebook fans for ideas for a blog post and got some really good questions. They were focused on job search etiquette. Q. When meeting a potential employer for coffee or a meal to discuss the possibility of working together who picks up the tab? And how do you handle the awkwardness when…

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The Six Biggest Mistakes Employees Make at the Company Holiday Party

By Arden / December 1, 2009 /

It’s that time of year when businesses host their annual holiday party. The corporate event can be a wonderful time to make and strengthen connections, or leave you disgraced and possibly fired for your lack of good judgment. Avoid these six pitfalls to steer clear of the latter.    Dressing Inappropriately Follow the attire description…

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How Not To Do Sales

By Arden / November 10, 2009 /

I just experienced a perfect example of how not to do sales. Someone I met at a networking event followed up with me by leaving a voicemail message marked urgent. He said he wanted to talk. Didn’t say why he was calling but wanted me to call him right away. I smelled a hardcore sales…

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