Social Etiquette

Dogs on the Loose

By Arden / March 17, 2010 /

I was recently walking around Greenlake with a friend on a sunny, therefore packed, day. Twice I encountered dogs that were running loose, their owners unconcerned. In the first situation we were rounding a corner and I saw a dog running towards the water across the concrete path in a very congested area. A rollerbladder…

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The Academy Awards: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

By Arden / March 8, 2010 /

As I do every year, I watched the Academy Awards with a few friends. We meet at one friend’s house, enjoy a potluck dinner and gab about the dresses, the emcee(s), the Academy winners and losers. This year had its usual fill of beautiful and not so beautiful moments. We can learn many etiquette lessons by…

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Are you Polly Poise or Freak-Out Fred?

By Arden / March 4, 2010 /

I recently taught a social skills etiquette class to some high school students from Puget Sound Community School. One of the topics I covered was poise. I asked my students what poise meant to them. They replied “good posture”, “being confident” and “grace”. While those are part of poise there is more to it.

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Don’t Be Nosy

By Arden / January 25, 2010 /

I stopped in the grocery store the other day, looking for a special item in addition to the ginger snap cookies my husband had requested. I didn’t find what I wanted but in addition to the ginger snaps I grabbed a bag of potato chips that were calling to me and some jelly beans for…

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A Special Tea

By Arden / January 12, 2010 /

A second cousin of mine, who I have been corresponding with via email and through letters, mentioned she was coming to Seattle for her grandnephew’s baptism. I was excited to see her as it had been probably 30 years since I’d seen her last. I invited her over for afternoon tea. I have a cute…

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Make Kindness Your New Year’s Resolution

By Arden / December 30, 2009 /

I recently wrapped up my 14 week kindness “class”. This class was offered to the general public by the Puget Sound Community School, a private school in Seattle for 11 to 18 year olds. The school founder, Andy Smallman, created the class “to start ripples of kindness that will be felt in far away places,…

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Is Chivalry Still Appropriate Today?

By Arden / December 23, 2009 /

I’ve been asked to teach a kid’s etiquette class to both boys and girls. As I’ve been putting together the curriculum, I had to pause when it came to teaching appropriate behavior for boys for treating girls and women in this modern day. I wondered should men still be expected to open the door for a woman,…

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Etiquette Questions and Faux Pas

By Arden / December 12, 2009 /

When you are an etiquette consultant people love to either share with you their etiquette horror stories or ask for etiquette advice. I love that my friends and business associates want to tell me their stories and trust me for advice. I thought it would be fun to feature some of the etiquette faux pas and…

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The Six Biggest Mistakes Employees Make at the Company Holiday Party

By Arden / December 1, 2009 /

It’s that time of year when businesses host their annual holiday party. The corporate event can be a wonderful time to make and strengthen connections, or leave you disgraced and possibly fired for your lack of good judgment. Avoid these six pitfalls to steer clear of the latter.    Dressing Inappropriately Follow the attire description…

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Don’t Go There: Taboo Topics in Business

By Arden / November 24, 2009 /

I just attended a small business roundtable group which serves as a forum for entrepreneurs seeking business advice and mentoring. The facilitator couldn’t be there so we were on our own to lead the discussion with a couple of suggested topics. Unfortunately that led to trouble. We started out talking about economic projections but a…

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