Etiquette for Children

Halloween Dos and Don’ts

By Arden / October 21, 2010 /

This is a guest post by Rachel Burke, student and Clise Etiquette intern. On the one night of the year when we encourage our children to talk to strangers and accept candy from them, parents need to be on top of all the do’s and don’ts for this spooky day. Most importantly, remember to use…

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Why a Thank You Note?

By Arden / July 12, 2010 /

I’m a member of Women Business Owners  and serve on the Ambassador Committee, which is essentially the committee that greets and orients new members. We had a committee meeting last week and the topic of thank you notes came up. One member mentioned she had sent her nephews on both sides of the family high…

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Are You Helping Your Child To Succeed?

By Arden / June 16, 2010 /

The other day my husband, Eric, and I grabbed a fast dinner at Whole Foods Market. We love the variety of options and how easy it is to get a quick meal. As I was enjoying my chicken mole I noticed a very nicely dressed family sit down near us with their dinner. They must…

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Are you Polly Poise or Freak-Out Fred?

By Arden / March 4, 2010 /

I recently taught a social skills etiquette class to some high school students from Puget Sound Community School. One of the topics I covered was poise. I asked my students what poise meant to them. They replied “good posture”, “being confident” and “grace”. While those are part of poise there is more to it.

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Is Chivalry Still Appropriate Today?

By Arden / December 23, 2009 /

I’ve been asked to teach a kid’s etiquette class to both boys and girls. As I’ve been putting together the curriculum, I had to pause when it came to teaching appropriate behavior for boys for treating girls and women in this modern day. I wondered should men still be expected to open the door for a woman,…

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