Is Your Handshake Talking Behind Your Back?

In almost all of my classes I teach how to have a confident handshake. While it may seem like a really small thing, your handshake actually speaks volumes about you. You want to be sure it expresses that you are a confident, professional person. I saw this video about the 10 different handshakes and thought it did a good job of explaining what each handshake says about you. See if you fall into one of the deadly nine or the perfect ten.

A good handshake is one where you put your hand fully in the other person’s hand, web to web. It’s accompanied with good eye contact and a smile. The grip is firm, but not bone crushing. Both men and women shake hands the same way. Men, no need to be delicate with women. Women no need to hold your hand as if it’s going to be kissed or you’re afraid to touch the other person.

Make sure your handshake is not giving a bad impression about you.

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