Informational Interview Etiquette Answers

By Arden / December 19, 2013 /

I received a very nice email from a graduate student who was seeking answers to coffee meeting and informational interview etiquette dilemmas. He wrote: I found your “Coffee Date Dilemmas” (blog post) very informative and helpful, with its consideration of small but important details, and enjoyed browsing your blog. I do have a few follow-up…

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The world’s best brownies

By Arden / December 15, 2013 /

Every year this time my husband bakes goodies for the various people he works with or his Toastmasters clubs’ holiday events. I’m always happy he leaves some for me. One of our favorite recipes is Double Chocolate Brownies with Dried Cranberries. The cranberries and pecans add a tasty surprise.

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Cocktail parties with class

By Arden / May 1, 2013 /

This is a guest post by Laura Taylor of Honest to Goodness. Entertaining friends and family can be easy and impressive without all of the stress. You can plan and prepare party appetizers that are simply delicious and sure to wow your guests. When planning a menu for an afternoon or evening reception, here are…

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Don’t throw food at the TV and other Super Bowl party etiquette tips

By Arden / January 31, 2013 /

Did you know that about 20 million Americans will attend Super Bowl parties? That’s a lot of partying! With so many people celebrating, there are plenty of opportunities for etiquette mistakes. I asked my Clise Etiquette Facebook fans for their Super Bowl party etiquette tips. I was amused by a few, shocked by others and agreed…

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Help, which bread plate do I use?

By Arden / June 7, 2012 /

I attend a lot of luncheons and dinners where usually the tables are full of utensils, plates and glasses. It can make it hard to know which items belong to you and which belong to your neighbor. At these events, I often see someone take a piece of bread from the bread basket and look…

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The germy handshake

By Arden / March 29, 2012 /

Whenever I teach handshakes in my training seminars or keynote presentations there are always lots of questions. One I’m often asked is “what do I do if I don’t want to shake hands to avoid getting germs?” I’ve been asked this by friends who are also germ phobic and would prefer handshaking just went away.

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What to do when you forget someone’s name during an introduction

By Arden / November 10, 2011 /

I was recently filmed giving etiquette tips via video. I made several videos on a variety of topics. Today I’m featuring the video tip on what to do if you forget someone’s name when you have to introduce them. Don’t sweat it, this video gives you a simple way to handle it. Does this tip…

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I’m listening to you

By Arden / September 1, 2011 /

I just converted to a new commenting system on my blog. I heard from a couple of readers that they wanted to be able to see what other people were saying about my posts. So, I just added a new whiz bang commenting system called Livefyre. Here is what you can expect. You will be…

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Cat On a Hot Cotton Bed

By Arden / July 8, 2010 /

This has nothing to do with etiquette, but I had to share this cute photo. My kitty, Skeeter, often takes his daytime nap on the bed. That is also the hottest room in the house, unfortunately for Skeeter and for Eric and me. Funny how even though the basement is much cooler than the upstairs the…

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I’m Berry Grateful

By Arden / July 4, 2010 /

My husband and I had the most wonderful bike ride through the Skagit Valley. The clouds cleared and it was sunny most of the 62 miles. We marveled at how picturesque it was through the flat, mostly farmland. Our ride took us past farm after farm growing a variety of crops including potatoes, wheat, silage,…

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