Customer Service

Uncommon Courtesy: How Simple Acts Can Make Your Company Soar

By Arden / June 21, 2012 /

I recently purchased some shoes through Amazon from a non-Amazon vendor. Unfortunately, the shoes were too big, so I called the company in the evening to ask for information on their exchange policy. The phone just rang and rang and rang. No answer. So I then emailed the company.

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Tradeshow and booth etiquette best practices

By Arden / May 29, 2012 /

This is a guest post by Matt Heinz, founder and principal of Heinz Marketing, LLC. You can learn a lot about what to do, and what not to do, at a tradeshow booth just by walking around and observing behavior at just about any event. Below are some of the observations and etiquette best (and…

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The power of words

By Arden / March 14, 2012 /

My husband and I often go someplace warm and sunny in the winter to escape the gray rainy Seattle days for a bit. This year we decided to go to Costa Rica. Many of our friends have been and spoke highly of the country. 

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Too much information

By Arden / February 9, 2012 /

We have been talking to handymen and women about doing some repair on our front porch stairs. It’s been an interesting process to say the least.

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Be a top 10 company in customer service

By Arden / June 2, 2011 /

When looking at the 2011 MSN top ten companies in customer service, you’ll notice that what the companies have in common is they think about the customer and care about their employees. It seems so simple, so obvious, yet why do so many companies get low marks for customer service?

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