Customer Service

A customer service lesson

By Arden / January 14, 2014 /

My husband and I recently experienced a negative customer service situation with an office supply store near our house. Thankfully, in the end we had a positive experience. I won’t go into great detail, but basically we needed to exchange a broken monitor holder that my husband had given me for Christmas.

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The sweetest sound

By Arden / November 7, 2013 /

Are you good at remembering names? If you answered no, you’re not alone. Whenever I teach networking or my First and Lasting Impressions training I ask the participants if they are skilled at remembering names. Usually only a handful of people will raise their hand. Yet, people admit that forgetting names is one of the most…

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Dear Ms. Clise

By Arden / October 1, 2013 /

When people I haven’t met first email me they often address me as Ms. Clise. It always takes this casual Seattle gal by surprise. I understand why people are addressing me in a formal way; they assume it is the proper thing to do with someone who teaches etiquette.

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Cut, color and conversation

By Arden / September 4, 2013 /

Some people think I’m a daredevil. No, not because I once hurtled myself out of a plane with just a parachute on my back, nor that I ate food from a street vendor in Mexico, and not because I left a secure job to start a business in the Great Recession. No, it’s that people…

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Augie’s customer service lessons

By Arden / August 20, 2013 /

We adopted a puppy three months ago. Augie is a nine month old Boston Terrier and cute as can be. But, he’s also a teen and can be full of mischief. Augie provides me with many lessons I can share with my clients. For instance, I recently was hired to give a customer service training…

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Cell phone pet peeves

By Arden / July 18, 2013 /

Do you have a cell phone pet peeve? Are there things that people do with their cell phones that drive you crazy? If so, you’re not alone. Most people are bothered by the rude cell phone behavior of others.

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A polite colleague’s dilemma

By Arden / April 3, 2013 /

Dear Arden, I enjoyed a lovely dinner with a colleague and would like to mail her a handwritten thank you note. Her business card doesn’t list a mailing address; this seems to be the trend with so many business cards in these days of electronic communication. I will email a note but I’m wondering if…

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Bad behavior

By Arden / March 21, 2013 /

Do you turn into a monster behind the wheel of your car or when you’re in other seemingly anonymous situations? Why is it that even the mildest mannered, gracious people become Mr. Hyde in certain circumstances?

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Nice gals and guys finish first

By Arden / February 6, 2013 /

I read in the Seattle Times this morning that Sally Jewell, President and CEO of REI, has been nominated as Secretary of the Interior by President Obama. I couldn’t be more excited for Sally, and, I’m not surprised she has been tapped for this high level position.

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What we can learn from a craigslist ad

By Arden / December 13, 2012 /

My husband and I are big fans of Craigslist, both for selling and buying. We really like the concept of keeping usable items out of the waste stream and letting others enjoy them. Why buy new when there are so many great items in perfect condition on craigslist? Plus, you save so much money buying…

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