Don’t break 8 year old hearts

This is a guest post by Shari Storm; author, speaker, mom.

girlscoutcookiesGirl Scout cookie sales end today and I’ve heard that Camp Fire sales start shortly. Here are a few tips for cookie buyers and passersby.

Did you know that Girl Scouts and Camp Fire girls only ask you to buy cookies as you leave the store?

You don’t need to say anything to them as you enter the store. Some people tell the girls they can’t buy any cookies on their way INTO the store. But little eight years olds can rarely remember who told them no as they entered the store so they end up asking them when they leave the store, and then it’s awkward for everyone.

So, here’s some cookie buying etiquette. If you don’t want to buy cookies, smile to the little girls on your way out of the store and say, “No thank you”. If you are so moved, they also have donation boxes that you can put a dollar in. That money all goes to send cookies to our soldiers abroad. Please don’t ignore the kids. It’s pretty difficult for some of them to get up the courage to ask you to buy cookies. A no and a smile is quick and easy and generous.

Thank you Shari. I did not know this about only being asked as I leave the store. Today at PCC, my grocery store, there were some Girl Scouts outside selling cookies and I was careful not to say anything to them about buying cookies as I walked into the store. I did, however, smile at the girls. I forget that it’s a big deal for kids to ask people to buy cookies or something else. I don’t usually buy cookies because I don’t really care for them, but now that I know I can donate and send cookies to our troops I’m all over that.

Shari Storm is a speaker and author who speaks and writes on Being a Better Boss, Marketing to Moms, and Sparking Innovation. Her book, Motherhood is the New MBA: Using Your Parenting Skills to be a Better Boss, is available on

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  1. Barb Hunsinger on March 10, 2014 at 11:15 am

    This info is so helpful!  It’s important to remember how scary it is for a young kid (hey, how about us adults, too!).  Also good to know about the soldiers overseas.
    Thanks for this post, Shari via Arden!

  2. Arden on March 19, 2014 at 2:22 pm

    I agree Barb, we forget how hard it is for those girls to ask for the sale. Yes, and adults!!

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