The Show Will Go On!

fireworks posterI’m just thrilled Family Fourth at Lake Union will take place this year thanks to the donations of many Seattle businesses. The outpouring of support from small to big companies is heartwarming. 

I worked for One Reel years ago when the show was sponsored by Fratelli’s ice cream as a gift to the city. Cellular One and then AT&T sponsored the show after Fratelli’s. Eight years after I left One Reel, I worked for Washington Mutual and managed sponsorships for the Northwest region. I had always loved the fireworks show and had my sights on it as a sponsor. I knew it would be a perfect fit for WaMu, thankfully, so did upper management when I came to them with my proposal. WaMu was then the sponsor until its sad demise

I’m not surprised by the outpouring of support to save the event. Seattle has long been a sentimental city and one that cares about its traditions and history. The citizens of Seattle saved the Pike Place Market from being torn down and developed. We’ve saved many an historic building like the Paramount Theater and the Coliseum. Despite rancorous debate between Seattle Children’s and the surrounding community about growth plans for the hospital, compromise was met. The area residents knew losing Children’s to another city would be tragic given its long Seattle history of helping thousands of sick kids.

I’m proud to live in such a caring city. I’m happy we’ll witness the rockets red glare over Lake Union this July 4th.  Isn’t it a  beautiful thing when we all work together? When we put aside our differences and support each other? It’s all good!

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