Don’t Be Nosy

Nosy womanI stopped in the grocery store the other day, looking for a special item in addition to the ginger snap cookies my husband had requested. I didn’t find what I wanted but in addition to the ginger snaps I grabbed a bag of potato chips that were calling to me and some jelly beans for my kid’s etiquette class. 

As I paid for my three junk food items the clerk, who kept staring at me, asked me if I was feeling alright. He said my skin color didn’t look right. I thought of saying “Oh don’t worry, I eat an apple once a week to make sure I get my vitamins.” Kidding aside, I was both angry and embarrassed he asked me such a personal question. While he may have meant well, it was not his place to comment.

It is rude to ask questions of such a personal nature. Do not ask people things like how they broke their arm, got their black eye, if they color their hair, etc. While you may be dying to know the answer, be mannerly and forgo the curiosity. People will share their stories with you if they want you to know. Make sense? Good, now I’ve go to go and eat an apple.

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Arden Clise is founder and president of Clise Etiquette. Her love for business etiquette began in previous jobs when she was frequently asked for etiquette, public speaking and business attire advice by executives and board members. The passion for etiquette took hold and compelled Arden to start a consulting business to help others. Read more >>

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