Party etiquette

Seven tips to navigate the company picnic

By Arden / July 10, 2014 /

It’s summer time and the living is good – vacations, casual clothes and the company picnic. Ah yes, that annual event fraught with many perils.

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The etiquette for a shoe free home

By Arden / June 17, 2014 /

It seems more and more households are going shoe free. So, it was timely when I received an email from a Clise Etiquette newsletter reader who asked me about the etiquette of asking people to remove their shoes in your home. A general contractor, he also queried whether he should offer to take his shoes…

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My armchair musings of the Academy Awards

By Arden / March 4, 2014 /

As I usually do, I love to share my Oscars musings. There are always great lessons to learn from this big event.

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To eat or not to eat before a party

By Arden / January 12, 2014 /

Michelle Obama is celebrating her 50th birthday. Hard to believe she’s 50, she sure doesn’t look it. Her party invitation stated it was Snacks & Sips & Dancing & Dessert, and specified to wear comfortable shoes, eat before you arrive and practice your dance moves.

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Further your career this holiday season

By Arden / December 2, 2013 /

Despite what you may think, the holidays are actually a great time to further your career. That’s because it’s a time when we most interact with others, whether it’s mingling at holiday parties, flying to see family or friends or spending time with relatives or pals you don’t see very often. So, whether you are…

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Don’t throw food at the TV and other Super Bowl party etiquette tips

By Arden / January 31, 2013 /

Did you know that about 20 million Americans will attend Super Bowl parties? That’s a lot of partying! With so many people celebrating, there are plenty of opportunities for etiquette mistakes. I asked my Clise Etiquette Facebook fans for their Super Bowl party etiquette tips. I was amused by a few, shocked by others and agreed…

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Evites, Facebook invitations, email invites! Oh my!

By Arden / January 17, 2013 /

If you’re like me, you’re getting more and more invitations through Facebook. Sometimes the invitations are for small events, like birthday parties or intimate get togethers, others are big events where everyone and their sister is invited.

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The angst of attending events

By Arden / March 20, 2012 /

Have you ever noticed that it is so much easier accepting invitations to events then attending the parties themselves? The invitation comes in and you’re honored your friend invited you, it sounds like a fun party, you don’t have plans that night, etc. But as the event approaches suddenly you start dreading attending.

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