Sales etiquette

Being vulnerable

By Arden / April 23, 2012 /

I met a colleague, Lynn Baldwin-Rhoades, for coffee recently. She is the president of Power Chicks International, a wonderful online and in-person networking and resource organization for women. Lynn is someone I know and like but didn’t know well. I felt like we both wanted a deeper connection with each other.

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Too much information

By Arden / February 9, 2012 /

We have been talking to handymen and women about doing some repair on our front porch stairs. It’s been an interesting process to say the least.

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What we can learn from a DECA competition

By Arden / October 30, 2010 /

I was recently a judge for a DECA mock competition. DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. The competition is one where the participants are given 10 minutes to read a business problem and come up with a solution following 5 key…

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7 Etiquette Best Practices for Your Next Networking Event

By Arden / September 18, 2010 /

This is a guest post by Matt Heinz, founder and principal of Heinz Marketing, LLC. You’ve seen what not to do.  You’ve likely experienced it more than once.  The guy who talks only about himself.  The contact who’s constantly scanning the room for someone else.  The sales rep who paid good money to be there,…

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Are You Chasing Away Your Customers?

By Arden / August 27, 2010 /

I was talking to a colleague yesterday about an encounter she had with a young salesperson. My colleague, let’s call her Carol, and I were co-presenters at a networking event and met the salesperson there. After the event, the salesperson, I’ll call her Sue, called Carol.

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How Not To Do Sales

By Arden / November 10, 2009 /

I just experienced a perfect example of how not to do sales. Someone I met at a networking event followed up with me by leaving a voicemail message marked urgent. He said he wanted to talk. Didn’t say why he was calling but wanted me to call him right away. I smelled a hardcore sales…

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