Business Etiquette

Don’t Wear Gortex to Dinner in D.C.

By Arden / November 17, 2010 /

This is a guest post by blogger Abby Reph. If you were going on a trip overseas, you might research the cultural etiquette of your destination — give a gift in Japan, don’t use your left hand when eating in India, kiss twice in France.  You might not realize that traveling domestically will entail cultural differences in etiquette…

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Are Millennials Ruder?

By Arden / November 10, 2010 /

There was an article in BusinessWeek about how the demand for etiquette training is up because millennials are entering the workforce clueless about how to interact properly with others. The article stated among other things, that they don’t use email properly — using acronyms, abbreviations and emoticons. That they don’t know their place as the new…

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What we can learn from a DECA competition

By Arden / October 30, 2010 /

I was recently a judge for a DECA mock competition. DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. The competition is one where the participants are given 10 minutes to read a business problem and come up with a solution following 5 key…

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Directness vs. Diplomacy

By Arden / October 7, 2010 /

As you may know, I write a business etiquette column for the Puget Sound Business Journal. Each week when the Journal arrives I eagerly open it up to the “Growing your Business” section to see if my latest column has run. Seeing my name in print is still exciting.

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PR Blunder or Just Desserts?

By Arden / September 29, 2010 /

This is a guest post by Lisa Samuelson, founder of Samuelson Communications. Recently Steve Jobs was incredibly rude to a journalism student who was working on an assignment about iPads as a teaching tool. When the PR department at Apple didn’t respond to her many calls and emails, she found Steve Jobs’ email and reached…

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7 Etiquette Best Practices for Your Next Networking Event

By Arden / September 18, 2010 /

This is a guest post by Matt Heinz, founder and principal of Heinz Marketing, LLC. You’ve seen what not to do.  You’ve likely experienced it more than once.  The guy who talks only about himself.  The contact who’s constantly scanning the room for someone else.  The sales rep who paid good money to be there,…

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Are You Chasing Away Your Customers?

By Arden / August 27, 2010 /

I was talking to a colleague yesterday about an encounter she had with a young salesperson. My colleague, let’s call her Carol, and I were co-presenters at a networking event and met the salesperson there. After the event, the salesperson, I’ll call her Sue, called Carol.

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You’re Fired! Social Media Mistakes

By Arden / July 29, 2010 /

Recently, a 16 year old employee was fired from her job for writing on her Facebook wall “I’m bored at work today.” Agree with the firing or not, the reality is everything we do online is visible to the world. This young lady had to learn this the hard way. Networking online is just like…

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Put Down That Cell Phone!

By Arden / July 26, 2010 /

Did you know July is National Cell Phone Courtesy month? Yes, indeedy and with good reason. Inappropriate cell phone use has become a huge problem, and is getting worse as more people are using mobile phones. It is also one of the most irritating issues for many people. My last Puget Sound Business Journal column…

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Oh Slang Can You Say

By Arden / June 28, 2010 /

I adore my etiquette teacher, Maria Everding, a gracious, funny, ball of fire. I attended Maria’s etiquette school – The Etiquette Institute– to learn all that I needed to know to become an etiquette consultant. I often turn to Maria for advice or perspective. She is also not afraid to tell me when she feels…

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